Odoo (известна как OpenERP и ранее как TinyERP) - международное и крупнейшее свободное облачное решение ERP класса. для компний любого размера, включающий все участки учета, в том числе продажи и СRM, бухгалтерию, производство, закупки, склад, управление проектами и около 30 базовых модулей.

В дополнение, вы можете добавлять сторонние модули (более 4 тысяч), заказывать поддержку во множестве компаний мира и России.

Основной язык разработки Python, а в качестве СУБД выбрана PostgreSQL.
Существует две основные версии ОДУ: комьюнити (свободное, с открытым кодом) и корпоративная (расширенный функционал).

Уникальность ODOO
1. Простота использования;

2. Хорошая функциональность, которую легко настроить путем подстройкой различных модулей;

3. Легко дорабатывать и сопровождать;

4. Высокая производительность;

5. Более 6000 официальных разработчиков, 312 новых модулей каждый месяц, 23 языка, более 2 млн пользователей;

6. Самая быстрорастущая ИТ компания в сегменте ERP;

7. Среди активных пользователей системы такие мировые компании Тойота, Хендай, Данон, Ашан и пр. 
Учет времени

Учет времени, потраченного на задачи, проекты и любые другие работы




Track your working time

Fast and easy input

Choose to log your activities at the beginning of the day, on the fly or after your work is done.

Launch tasks in one click

With our Chrome extension, you are always one click away from your time-tracking app. Just click on “Start” to launch your tasks.

Easily manage your activities of the day

Select your recurring tasks in one click to add them to your activities of the day. Work faster by setting up a default project and minimal duration.

Get useful statistics

Quickly overview your time spent on tasks per day or per week.


Work offline

Offline tracking mode

Your tasks will keep running no matter where you are, even if internet connectivity is not available.


Hours tracked offline are synced to your account once you’re back online.


Manage your employees

Create and assign projects

Organize your employees workload by assigning them tasks and projects.

Grant access rights

Managers can allow or restrict backend access to their employees in a few clicks.

Approve timesheets

Get an overview of your employees timesheet and approve them.

Overview employee's activities

Monitor your employees performances by project or by task.



Timesheet analysis

Get statistics about billable hours, billable amount, uninvoiced amounts, etc.

Timesheet profit

Easily review your employee’s performance by measuring the profitability of their projects.




Connect timesheets with payroll for accurate and on time payments.

Automate invoicing and billing based on timesheet inputs. Send recurring and professional-looking invoices to your customers. 

Human resources
Check and manage employees attendance and worked hours. 

Keep track of the time spent by project, client or tasks.



Create on-site & online events

Organize, publish, promote, and sell.




Drag & drop editor

Structure your event pages with our premade building blocks. Create landing pages, agendas, speakers bios, calls-to-action, images, links and much more in just a few clicks.  

Building blocks system

Edit your events by adding your text and graphics directly within the editable content of your building blocks.   


Pick one of Odoo’s awesome themes and change the layout according to your taste without losing time starting from scratch. 

Edit menu

Create a menu with several page for advanced events.



Talk proposal management

Allow visitors to submit talks and speakers on your event websites. Organize the validation process of every talk.

Tracks management

Follow every step from issuing the call for speakers to managing submissions, content and speakers.  

Backend to frontend integration

Directly translate information about speakers into visually appealing speakers' biographies and descriptions of the talks and presentations. 

Attendees management

Manage classes and resources, create group of attendees, set min/max capacities. Add custom questions at subscriptions, per attendee or per subscription. Customize entrance badges and analyze attendee profile.

Event organization

Manage calendar of events, multiple locations and organizers. 

Event budget

Administration of resources allocation and automated purchases.

Event collaterals management

Obtain accurate attendees list and print ready-made classy badges.


Send automate follow-up emails or satisfaction surveys and allow reviews


Promote & sell 


Drag and drop building blocks into place, and share your speakers and agenda information with attendees and prospects.

Email marketing

Schedule automatic communications : save the date, enrollment confirmation, reminders, know before you go, thank you for attending, etc. 

Social Media integration 

Set a Twitter Hashtag for each of your events. 

SEO integration

Get keyword suggestions according to Google most searched terms and improve your SEO. 

Google Analytics integration
Track all kind of events related to visits, shopping carts, call-to-actions and more by default. 

Link Tracker integration 

Add a tracking code to your links and assess each of your campaign’s return on investment (ROI). 

Sell tickets online 

Sell registrations to your events with the multi-ticketing feature. Register several people at once. During the subscription process, the participant will be able to detail each attendee in a new screen.

Online or offline sales 

Allow attendees to pay online with a credit card or with the invoice, based on your configuration. 

Manage sales & increase revenues

Configure automated invoicing, cancellation policies, specific prices for members and sale conditions like early bird for your event. 

Dashboards & reporting

Real time information and data on your event.



*Discuss     *Mailing Lists     *Notes

Stand-alone module 

News feed 

Get instant access to the latest discussed topics in your company and keep track of the conversations you follow.  

Start discussions 

Create direct discussions with other employees, and create private discussion groups. 

Subscribe to channels

Create open groups called Channels to follow discussions on specific topics. Start getting involved in projects by subscribing to existing channels or create new channels.

Star favorites

Star messages with important content to easily find them back in the Starred list.

Private Groups

Create secret groups and invite the users.

Manage participants 

Invite participants in private groups and restrict access to channels to a selected group of employee.  

Chat window 

Turn a conversation into a chat session to keep chatting while switching modules.  

Email notifications

Setup conversations to get notifications for the conversations you want.


Mention Odoo users (@odoo_username) in the conversation to raise their attention.


Enliven your conversations with emoji.


Build your to-do list

Create stages

Break down your to-do list into stages which will be converted to columns into your dashboard.

Kanban view

Drag and drop notes easily from one stage to another in the kanban view.

Create notes

Add notes to your stages. Each note correspond to a mini-project that you will move from one stage to another as your project moves forward.


Organize your notes

Text layout

Insert text styles like headers, bold, italic, lists and fonts with a simple WYSIWYG editor.

File attachments

Attach text files, image files document files to your notes.


Add tags to your notes for a clear organization.

Filters and groups

Search notes easily with smart filters.


Group your notes by color as a way to categorize your tasks. There are 9 colors to choose from and a colorless option.


Upload any text file or document to your notes.


Export notes as HTML, plain text or DocuWiki text documents.



Invite people

Add coworkers to your notes so they can follow the discussions and receive notifications.

Authorship color

Every author typing some text in a note has a different background color to show who wrote what. You can link a name to a color.

Timeline slider

See the history of changes made to a note through a timeline, from first to last sentence.


Easily share your notes with your colleagues by sending them as link or embed URL.

Access settings

Choose what others can do with your notes by granting viewing or editing access.


Enable chat for real time discussion with the people following your notes.

Show connected users

See who is connected to your notes right now



Modules chatter

Include messages, internal notes, add followers and channels straight from any of the apps and keep track of them in the Discuss module.


MRP   PLM Maintenance Quality  Features



Manufacturing orders

Manage your products into assembly lines or manual assembly.


Work orders

Launch production of items needed in the final assembly of your products.


Repair orders

Manage repairs of items under warranty or as a service.


Schedule & plan

Plan manufacturing

Get a clear view on your whole planning and easily reschedule manufacturing.


Organize work orders

Have access to all available resources and plan ahead with your production.


Manage Bill of Materials

Keep track of availability of items in stock and production time.


Workcenter Capacty

MRP II scheduler using capacities and schedules of workcenters.


Define Flexible Master Data

Create multi-level Bills of Materials

Set a Bill of Materials within another in order to manufacture components of a product in another Bill of Materials.


Optional routing

Create new routings for work orders in order to sequence your production depending on the routing used.


Version changes

Allow your products to evolve and add configurable options when creating orders.


Phantom of Bill of Materials

Create phantom BoM to manufacture and sell products in kits or to build replacement parts.



Manually edit operations

Design specific templates for each operation and use the set of tools to find solutions for any issue




Easily get differences between versions to track changes.

Document Management

Store plans and worksheet directly on bill of materials and routings.

Engineering Changes

Track changes with a great kanban process for ECOs.



Control Points

Automatically trigger quality checks for the manufacturing department.

Quality Checks

Deploy your statistical process control easily with checks.

Quality Alerts

Organize your work using the kanban view of quality alerts.



Preventive Maintenance

Trigger maintenance requests automatically based on KPIs.

Corrective Maintenance

Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the control center panel.


Schedule maintenance operations with a calendar.


Get all maintenance statistics computed for you: MTBF,...


Workcenter Control Panel


Set tablets on every work center to organize their work efficiently.

Record production

Register productions, scan products, lots or serial numbers.


Display worksheets directly on the workcenter with instructions for operator.

Misc Operations

Scrap products, create quality alerts, perform checks, right from the workcenter.


Use alerts to show changes or quality checks to the operator.



Easily manage suppliers and purchase orders

Improve your supply chain & inventory performance



Clean & fast

Modern user interface

A fast user interface designed for modern inventory management. Get more work done with less effort with or without barcode scanners.


Easily manage single inventory or a complex multi-warehouse environment by activating features on demand.


Requests for Quotations

Create RfQs for your suppliers

Configure each to product to send out Requests for Quotations to each of your suppliers.

Send requests through the post or by email

Send RfQs by email directly from the app or print and send them by post, all in just one click.

Get offers for multiple items

Send out RfQs for multiple products at the same time.

Personalize your message

Add a custom message to your suppliers for each of the RfQs sent.

Automate the process

Save time by setting up rules to automatically send RfQs to your suppliers based on your stocks levels.


Manage orders

Monitor RfQs and orders

Keep track of the status of your quotes and orders, of the amount of the orders and the expected delivery date. No more generation of draft PO. Auto-complete when generating a draft invoice.

Manage incoming products

Keep track of your stock and determine quantity and locations for each batch of items you receive.

Automate ordering

Set up procurement rules to automatically order the necessary items based on stock levels, minimum quantities per location or per supplier, sales, or other parameters.


Manage invoicing

Create drafts

Design drafts of invoices which you can easily modify or cancel later.

Control future orders

Keep track of orders that have been created for a date in the future.

Handle internal moves

Organize the movement of items between two locations you own.


Handle Products

Create products

Define sale price, type, barcode and reference to easily differentiate similar products.

Add supplier reference

Add the reference used by each supplier for the item to make it easier to find for both them and you.

Add product variants

Add variations such as color, memory capacity, etc. on the product to allow for a cleaner list of products.

Define procurement rules

Reference all the suppliers distributing the item, order them by priority, and record their delivery time and minimal quantity to save time on new orders.

Ideal search filters

Search products with the supplier reference on the purchase order.

Check stock and availability

Keep track of stock, incoming orders and product availability.

Specify storage location

Define the product’s exact position within your warehouse.

Create sale conditions

Define the length of the warranty and specify customer and manufacturer lead times.

Add POS and website specifications

Add specifications to the product for its point of sale or for the website.

Include accounting rules

Specify your accounting category and define customer and supplier accounts and taxes.


Analyze & forecast


Use predefined dashboards or build your own with the advanced reporting engine Share filters with the team.

Inventory forecasts

Get forecasts of product availabilities based on confirmed sales orders, purchase orders or manufacturing orders as well as internal moves.


Multi company rules

Automatic reconciliation between companies

Save huge amounts of time and effort on all transactions made between your group’s companies - transactions are automatically reconciled in all modules, for example, automatically mirror sales orders and purchase orders in multi-company setup.

One Odoo environment for multiple companies

Manage multiple companies within a single Odoo environment.



Automatically schedule all your inventory operations based on sales orders.

Manage multiple companies within a single Odoo environment.

Have all your inventory operations impact your accounting in real time or periodically.



Maximize your warehouse efficiency

Modern online warehouse management software.


Clean and fast 

Double Entry Inventory 

The unique Odoo double entry inventory management allows full traceability from the supplier to the customer. Nothing is lost, everything is moved.


Scan products in your warehouse using mobile devices. Control your dashboards and track orders wherever you are.

Modern User Interface 

A fast user interface designed for modern inventory management. Get more work done with less effort with or without barcode scanners.


Easily manage a single inventory or a complex multi-warehouses environment by activating features on demand.


Basic Operations 

Delivery Orders 

Pack orders and deliver with or without barcode scanners. Odoo prepares delivery orders for you based on availabilities.

Inventory Counts 

Do an inventory for a zone, a specific product, a lot or a pallet/box; Odoo prepares cycle counts for you.

Multiple Locations 

Use hierarchical locations to structure your warehouse: zones, rows, shelves, etc.

Manufacturing, Repairs

Use extra apps to manage manufacturing orders, repairs orders, etc.

Incoming Shipments 

Control incoming products and compare to what was ordered from the supplier.


Pack products in just a click and assign barcodes to packs for an easy tracking of the orders.

Scrap Products 

Scrap products in just a few clicks and get clear reports on scrap: their costs, reasons and volumes.

Stock Transfers

Use the simple transfer interface to move products from one location to another.


Advanced Routing 


Deliver to customers straight from your supplier based on products, orders or customers.


Unload incoming material and directly transfer to outbound gates with little to no storage in between.

Put away & Removal strategies 

Define your own storage and removal strategies; fifo, nearest available zone, lifo, etc.

Pick - Pack - Ship 

Design your own order process flow. Deliver to customers in one step (delivery order) or several steps: picking, packing, shipping.

Push & Pull Routes 

Design your own product routes to automate transfer orders between warehouses or locations.


Manage all your warehouses with the same system and define replenishment rules between warehouses.



Barcode Scanners 

Nice unified interface. Use barcode scanners for every inventory operation: inventories, incoming shipments, packing orders, etc. Scan the goods and confirm the reception or sending of those only through the scanner (no keyboard needed). Support EAN13, EAN14.

Customer Portal 

Your customer can track their order status into the customer portal: orders, invoices, delivery order status, etc. 

Custom Alerts 

Define alerts on products or suppliers that should appear for a salesperson when they make quotations. 

Smart Scheduler 

Odoo's scheduler will trigger all operations automatically for you based on product availabilities and forecasts of orders.

Powerful search 

Search documents to process easily. Just scan a barcode or filter based on any criteria: customer, product, etc.



Minimum Stock 

Have proposition of purchase orders (or request for quotations) created by Odoo based on your future stock forecast.

Purchase Propositions 

Get purchase order propositions based on supplier lead times, product demand and inventory forecasts.


Purchase raw materials or manufacture products to order. Define your own routes specific to warehouses, products, orders, etc.

Request for Quotations 

Want to negotiate a price with suppliers every time you buy a specific product? Odoo can trigger request for quotations automatically based on future needs.



Lots Tracking 

Tracks manufacturer lots with barcode or serial numbers. Define and choose which transactions require tracking (delivery orders, receptions, internal moves, etc.)

Serial Numbers 

Put serial numbers on pallets or boxes to track their content.

Activity Log 

Have the history of all operations attached to every document (picking, delivery order, quality control) for full traceability.

Perpetual Valuation 

Get your inventory valuation posted in real time in your accounting software for an accurate balance sheet in real time.



Product Types 

Odoo supports several product types that have different behaviour: physical products, consumables, services, digital products.


Odoo's kitting features allows your salesperson to sell a kit, but you will deliver a set of products.

Custom fields

Add as many custom fields as you want on products to handle your business needs.

Multi-Level Variants

Define multiple level variants in just a few clicks. Create matrix based on colors, sizes, attributes, etc.

Multiple unit of measures

Odoo supports multiple unit of measures and converts automatically for you: buy a pallet of beer, sell packs of beers.

Expiration Dates

Track expiration dates on products.

Multiple barcodes

Create custom barcodes with specific codes to implement desired behaviors, such as a specific promotion.



Costing Types 

Odoo WMS supports FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average Price and Standard Price for product costing methods.

Landed Costs 

Reincorporate landed costs into your product cost to get an accurate valuation of your inventory.

Valuation Methods 

Simply register on the forum to post questions and answer existing ones.




Use predefined dashboards or build your own with the advanced reporting engine. Share filters with the team.

Inventory Forecast 

Get forecasts of product availabilities based on confirmed sales orders, purchase orders or manufacturing orders as well as internal moves.

Perpetual Inventory Valuation 

Set up perpetual (real time, automated) or periodic inventory valuation mode by product.

Customer transaction drill down 

Review and drill down to the details of your customer transactions right from your sale order.

Manage your business
Recruitment, Employees, Expenses, Appraisal, Fleet, Leaves



Job offers

Post job offers on your website and follow the application process within the Kanban view

Employment websites

Link job offers from different employment websites to your module and keep an eye on all your offers


Manage everything from application emails to automatic answers right from the app


Keep track of all your applicants

Automatic indexation

Create a repository with all your applicants’ resumes, well organized and instantly accessible

Create employee profiles

Gather all information concerning each employee at one place.

Manage contracts

Keep track of your employees’ status, job titles, contract type and dates, and their schedule.

Manage timesheets

Create weekly and monthly timesheets and follow the time spent by your employees on projects.

Handle attendance

Keep track of your employees’ presence at work. HR managers can easily report employees' monthly presence with the menu entry and state.

Manage leaves

Manage holidays, legal leaves and sick days.


Get a dashboard per manager.

Review expense records

Review employee’s notes to complete, validate or refuse them. Add a comment when refusing to give employees an explanation.

Manage per team

Follow expenses for a whole team.

Create appraisal plans

Setup several plans for each department. Create different phases, and add custom actions and forms to organize your appraisals the right way. 

Sort appraisals

Filter and sort appraisals by employee, status, deadline, appreciation and plan name to get a clear overview of evaluations. 

Organize interviews

Easily configure who should receive a form. Define & select forms per roles. Manage evaluation schedule with stages. Request interviews for specific stages of your appraisal plan and for each employee. Track interviews and setup reminders in the calendar view.

In-depth descriptions

Specify brand and model, registration number, chassis number, number of doors and seats, colour, etc. to easily identify each vehicle of your fleet.

Leasing contracts

Specify contract start and expiry dates, activation and recurring costs, and status of the contract.

Keep track of mileage

Report odometer readings to keep track of the vehicle’s mileage and forecast service and repairs.

Monitor fuel consumption

Record every refill for each car to monitor fuel consumption, or link each vehicle to a specific fuel card to automatically record transactions.

Vehicle maintenance

Have a day-by-day follow up of all vehicles maintenance needs, to forecast services and keep track of repairs.

Overview by car

Get a clear view of all the costs for each vehicle.


Create several statuses to get a clear view of vehicles ordered, vehicles in your park, vehicles you don’t own anymore, etc.

Employee requests 

Allow your employees to record requests themselves, and get notified for each new request. 

Approve or refuse requests 

Answer your employee requests in just a click. Use green button for approved and calculated leaves. Use grey button for pending leaves that will be managed later. 

Add comment 

Insert a note to your approval or refusal to add information for your employees. 

Add allocations 

Setup the quantity of leaves allocated per capita to allow your employees to record their leaves according to their allocation.

Customize leaves type 

Create new leaves type for unusual situations. 

Manage each level 

Allow managers to handle requests for their own team and review each request yourself.



Enterprise social network

Follow employees and documents, join discussion groups, share files, and chat in real time.


Design challenges, goals and rewards with clear targets and objectives to drive engagement and reward your employees’ performance.


Ask questions and give answers

Allow employees to record expenses for their professional spendings with a clear overview of all the spendings for a defined period, for events, travels, etc.

Add comments

Write notes to expense records to add information for reviewers.

Check status

Have a clear overview of all expenses’ statuses at once as well as separately.

Add attachments

Easily add attachments to expense records to provide reviewers with proof of spendings such as tickets, bills, etc.

Submit to Managers

Submit drafts of expenses to managers to request for an approval.

Create surveys

Design surveys

Use existing templates to quickly create surveys or design your own surveys from scratch. Create multiple surveys for each step of the evaluation process.

Create templates

Turn existing surveys into template to easily use them again or customize existing ones.

Test surveys

Proof your surveys with colleagues and/or manager before sending them out to other employees. Ask for comments and reviews to perfect the content.

Export answers

Turn any evaluation filled by employees into a PDF form that can then be printed instantly.


Automate process

Create automatic actions

Allow Odoo to automatically send emails and requests for evaluation to each employee according to the schedule that was setup in the evaluation plan.


Reporting and analysis


Get a clear overview of all your vehicles thanks to live reports and graphs


Record all costs linked to your fleet in a clear and in-depth report, and create a custom report with all the information you need.
Get stats on the number of leaves per capita, per department and per leave type, and export them in PDF in just a click.

Personal Dashboard 

A great dashboard for employees to see their own account, managers for their teams, and administrator for the whole company.

Gantt Chart view 

Get the planning of your whole team, for the day, week, month and year to get a clear overview of your team’s availability. 

Calendar view 

Plan ahead and keep an eye on your team’s availability for the day, the week and the month in a clear calendar.




Employees Integration
Turn a candidate in the recruitment process into an employee in the system in one click.

Turn applicants into employees in just a click.

Let your employees record expenses keep track of them.

Turn applicants into employees in just a click.

All movements in Fleet are automatically recorded within your accounting report, and are taken into account in forecasts.

Human Resources
Fuel logs and other costs can be recorded as employee expenses and taken into account when managing employees.



Agile Project Management

Beautiful. Easy. Open Source. 




Clean and fast

Modern User Interface

A fast user interface designed for modern project management. Get all the information you need where you need it.


Mobile-friendly. Track projects and tasks easily on the move. Stay connected, always.

Filters and Groups

Search tasks or issues easily with the smart filters. Analyze data with multi-level grouping.

Fully customizable

Customize the process of every project, rename stages and alerts according to your own activities, automate emails, etc.



Customized Kanban View

Drag & drop tasks easily with the kanban view. Group tasks by stages, responsible, deadline, etc. Change name of “task/issues”. Change the meaning of the green/red status. Create specific stages per project. Define the process through custom tool-tips for each stage. Create tasks from sales orders.

Calendar of Deadlines

Use the calendar view on tasks to highlight project deadlines. Simply drag & drop tasks in the calendar to reschedule.


Work on single or multiple projects at the same time. Perform multi-project analysis and searches.

Document Management

Manage documents related to tasks, issues or projects. (specifications, plans, etc.)

Gantt Chart

Manage tasks on a timeline with the Gantt chart view. The easiest way to track deadlines and timeline progress.


Get graph charts to analyze the progress of your tasks: by stage, by responsible, by tag, by project, etc.

Pivot Table Analysis

Use the pivot table on tasks to perform deep statistical analysis on the performance of your projects.

Time Tracking

Track expected hours, effective hours, re-forecasts on tasks.

Archive tasks

Archive tasks done and have a clear view of the other tasks you still need to work on.



Customer tickets

Use issues to track support contracts, tickets, bug reports.

Email integration

Communicate with your customers by email. Everything is automatically attached to the issue to get a full visibility.

Service Level

Link SLA-related information to issues: time to open a ticket, time to close a ticket, statistics on the volumes and performances, etc.

Automate actions

Use triggers and automated actions to send automatic emails on different statuses: confirmation of ticket, customer satisfaction survey, etc.



Email Integration

Every project can have its own email address. Create tasks or issues by sending an email to the project. All recipients/cc. of the email will be added as follower of the task. Communicate on tasks by email.

Custom Alerts

Follow tasks in just a click and get alerts based on relevant activities.

Activity Log

The activity log attached to every task or issue gives you a detailed history of all activities on the document.

Chat with users

Chat online with other users to get real time answers to your questions. Use discussion groups to chat in tasks.

Real Time Collaboration

Use the etherpad integration to collaborate on tasks in real time with several users contributing to the same content.


Customer Services


Track time on projects and tasks using the timesheet app. Available as a Chrome plugin or a mobile app.

Customer Satisfaction

Use the customer satisfaction rating survey to get feedback from customers every time you close an issue. Configure the automatic email sent to customers after each milestone and receive their feedback directly. Analyze overall rating by project to improve your process.


Forecasts projects and resources easily from the Gantt chart taking employee holidays into account. Compare forecasts with real timesheets.

Portal front-end

Customers have access to their tickets from the portal.




Manage fixed price (on milestones) or time and material based contracts. Automatically Invoice time spent on tasks or issues.

From sales to tasks

Generate tasks based on sales orders or template of projects that you reuse from customer to customer.



Internal Projects

Track internal projects with tasks and manage teams efficiently by setting clear priorities.

After Sales Services

Effortlessly manage after sales services requests and configure a customized process in the kanban view.

Support Contracts

Automatically create issues by email, track support services and count hours on contracts.

Customer projects

Forecast project resources, track tasks and milestones, record timesheet and analyze the performance of the team.




Use predefined dashboards or build your own with the advanced reporting engine. Share filters with the team.

Issues analysis

Get statisitics on your issues to analyze the performance of the customer service team.

Tasks analysis

Get statistics on your tasks to analyze the performance of your projects.



Powerful API
Use Odoo Project's powerful API to do almost anything: connect other software, automate logs on tasks, etc.

Google Docs
Use the Google Docs integration to link any document to your tasks or issues: specifications, plans, etc.

Reinvoice expenses on projects in batches. Don't miss out a single dollar.

Automatically create invoices based on tasks or timesheets. Access direct information on customer statements.



Beautiful accounting software

Do more, in less time.

Save time

Beautiful user interface

A fast and modern user interface your users will love. Based on Google Material Design trend.


Get an instant access to all accounting features, wherever you are, on tablets or smart phones.

Automate payments & letters

Post invoices automatically by regular mail or email. No need to print and post invoices, it's automated.

Collaboration & Alerts

Follow what interests you and get automatic alerts, collaborate on documents easily.

Reduce data entry

No need to create invoices manually, print and send them, register bank statements, follow-up payments, ... Automate more, save time.

Bank Interfaces 

Get your bank statements automatically synced with your bank. Save time with Automated reconciliation.

Accounts Receivable 

Clean customer invoices 

Odoo invoices are easy to create, beautiful and full featured. (payment terms, multiple taxes, discounts, pricelists, ...)

Advanced Payment terms 

Support for multiple payments for one invoice, cash discounts, advance invoice, partial reconciliations.

Draft invoice propositions 

Draft invoices are created automatically by Odoo based on sales order, timesheets or delivery orders.

On-the-fly payment reconciliation 

When creating an invoice, Odoo suggests outstanding payments automatically so that you don't have to reconcile it later.


Get paid easily 

Credit Card Payments 

Get paid quickly by supporting online payment with credit cards. We support main payment gateways like Authorize.net, Ingenico, Paypal, Adyen, etc.

Automated follow-ups 

Odoo proposes emails, follow-ups letters, and tasks automatically to ease your credit collection process.

Aged receivable balance 

The aged receivable report gives you a clear overview of overdue payments and treasury forecast.

Customer portal 

Your customer can track their order status, invoices, and payments through their portal.

Advanced customer statements 

Get clear reports on customer statements and navigate easily through the documents to understand every customer use case.


Account payables 

Control supplier bills 

Simply register on the forum to post questions and answer existing ones


Employee expenses 

Track employee expenses, from the recording by every employee to the validation and reimbursement.


Forecast expenses 

Get a clear forecast of your future bills to pay.


Pay bills 

Print checks 

Get a proposition of supplier bills to pay and print checks in batch in just a few clicks.


Deposit tickets 

Keep track of deposit tickets in just a few clicks to ease the bank reconciliation process.


Automate wire transfers 

Automate payments to suppliers with SEPA based on propositions by Odoo to pay at the right date.


Organize payment orders 

Support your own payment flows with optional validation steps. 


Bank & Cash 

Automate bank feeds 

Get your bank feeds automatically from the bank. 15,000 banks supported, mostly U.S., Canada and NZ ones.


Manage cash registers 

Track every cash transaction with opening and closing easily.


Import Statements 

If your bank is not supported, use OFX, QIF, CSV or Coda files to import statements easily.


Easy Reconciliation 

Smart Reconciliation Tool 

Get reconciliation propositions automatically, register extra journal items on the fly, search efficiently. Interface for manual reconciliations, for both open and paid invoices. Learning of account numbers based on first manual reconciliation.


Reconciliation Report 

Audit differences between your accounts and your bank statement balance to ease reconciliation. 


Bank Reconciliation 

Odoo matches 95% of invoices & payments automatically and the smart matching tool allows to do the remaining 5% super fast.


Easy outstanding payments 

Get partial and full reconciliation proposition directly from the invoice or the bank statement.


Advanced Access rights 

Access Control Lists 

Access rights are super flexible. Default configurations are already setup for accountants and advisers. 


Optional validation process 

Mark miscelleanous operations to review. It allows your adviser to ask the adviser to review key journal entries.



Multi-currency support 

Get your currencies rate updated automatically every day.


Multi companies 

Get all your subsidiaries integrated in the same system with consolidation reports in real time. Automate business flows with inter-company rules.


Multiple users 

Define as many users as you want with different access rights.


Multi Journals 

Organize your document into several journals (by departments, by type of activity) to split roles accross several users.


Performance Reports 

Business Intelligence reports 

Use Odoo cubes to navigate through the information: consolidations, drill-up/down, group data, filters, etc.
Multiple standard reports are available - Profit & Lost, cash flow statements, cash reports, executive summary and aged payable/receivables, etc. Get standard reports and chart of accounts available for 80+ countries. Export to Excel and pdf.


Customizable dashboards 

Create your own dashboard by assembling custom reports. Generate reports for any time period, comparing time period. Get dynamic calculation of certain fields e.g. YTD earning. Share filters and dashboard across teams.



Annotate any report 

All reports are full dynamic allowing you to navigate easily. Create multiple annotations. Annotate reports to add your notes for the managers inline. 


Customizable KPI's 

Define your own KPIs based on formulaes: gross margin, customer acquisition costs, growth rate by products,... 


Predefined Executive Summary 

Best practices KPIs are already defined by default in the system.


Perpetual fiscal year closing

No need to report balance sheet accounts from one year to another. Automatic calculation of P&L based on chosen dates, only need to write the handling of earnings for closure. Choose lock entry dates for non advisers and all users.


Legal Statements 

Profit & Loss 

Navigate easily through the flow of information from the Profit & Loss report.


Cashflow statement 

Get a cashflow statement in real time with lots of options in the filters.


General ledger 

Search and filter in the general ledger easily and zoom into documents in just a click.


Advanced Taxes Management

Odoo's tax engine support or wide range of tax computations: price included / excluded, percentage, grid, tax on taxes, partial exemptions, etc.


Balance Sheet 

Get your current year earnings automatically reported to your balance sheet to report at any time without having to close/open fiscal years.


Tax reports 

Get your tax reports in accrual or cash based, formatted according to the right country.


Country-specific statements 

Intrastat reports, VAT statement, P&L/BS of the country, listing of VAT subjected customer, etc.


Tax Audit Report

The tax audit report allows you to check how the tax report is computed for audit purposes.


Analytic Accounting 

Hierarchies of cost accounts 

Structure automatically your analytic accounts based on projects, contracts, departments, etc.


Fully integrated 

Get analytic entries automatically produced based on timesheets, supplier bills, work orders, etc.



Manage multiple analytic plans with default values and assignations ratios between cost accounts or projects.



Automatic Invoicing 

Manage subscription and recurring revenues easily with contracts. Automate recurring invoices, payments and renewal alerts.


Recurring revenues & extra 

Manage muliple subscription plans, templates and extra fees.


Renewal alerts 

Your salesperson get automated alerts when contracts have to be renewed.


Customer portal 

Your customers can change their plans, order upgrades or downgrade / unsubscribe through the customer portal. (based on your configuration) 


Assets & Revenues 

Assets Management 

Track assets, depreciation boards and generate amortization entries automatically. Manage all events on your assets in just a few clicks.


Revenue Recognition 

Manage multi-year contracts, automate defered revenues entries and get clear dashboards on your recurring revenues.



Track your budget and compare actual performance with different budget. Manage budget on your financial accounting or analytic accounts.


Revenue dashboard 

Get all your SaaS metrics in a clear dashboard: MRR, Churn, CAC, CAC ratio, Growth forecasts, ARR, CLT, CLTV.



Web-service API 

Connect third party applications with the Odoo web service API. We support all languages: python, PHP, java, c#, ruby, ... 


Google spreadsheet integration 

Connect google spreadsheet to Odoo saas to create your own dashboard in your favourite spreadsheet pulling data automatically from Odoo. Very usefull for budgets, commission plans, etc.


Get your customer invoices created automatically from your sales order, tasks or delivery orders.

Work in periodic or perputal inventory valuations. Get your accounting entries created automatically in standard price, average price of FIFO.

Get all your ecommerce transactions reported automatically in your accounts: sales, payments, refunds, shipping, etc. 

Control supplier bills is just a few clicks. No need to record everything, they are proposed by Odoo based on purchase orders or incoming shipments.