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Stand-alone module 

News feed 

Get instant access to the latest discussed topics in your company and keep track of the conversations you follow.  

Start discussions 

Create direct discussions with other employees, and create private discussion groups. 

Subscribe to channels

Create open groups called Channels to follow discussions on specific topics. Start getting involved in projects by subscribing to existing channels or create new channels.

Star favorites

Star messages with important content to easily find them back in the Starred list.

Private Groups

Create secret groups and invite the users.

Manage participants 

Invite participants in private groups and restrict access to channels to a selected group of employee.  

Chat window 

Turn a conversation into a chat session to keep chatting while switching modules.  

Email notifications

Setup conversations to get notifications for the conversations you want.


Mention Odoo users (@odoo_username) in the conversation to raise their attention.


Enliven your conversations with emoji.


Build your to-do list

Create stages

Break down your to-do list into stages which will be converted to columns into your dashboard.

Kanban view

Drag and drop notes easily from one stage to another in the kanban view.

Create notes

Add notes to your stages. Each note correspond to a mini-project that you will move from one stage to another as your project moves forward.


Organize your notes

Text layout

Insert text styles like headers, bold, italic, lists and fonts with a simple WYSIWYG editor.

File attachments

Attach text files, image files document files to your notes.


Add tags to your notes for a clear organization.

Filters and groups

Search notes easily with smart filters.


Group your notes by color as a way to categorize your tasks. There are 9 colors to choose from and a colorless option.


Upload any text file or document to your notes.


Export notes as HTML, plain text or DocuWiki text documents.



Invite people

Add coworkers to your notes so they can follow the discussions and receive notifications.

Authorship color

Every author typing some text in a note has a different background color to show who wrote what. You can link a name to a color.

Timeline slider

See the history of changes made to a note through a timeline, from first to last sentence.


Easily share your notes with your colleagues by sending them as link or embed URL.

Access settings

Choose what others can do with your notes by granting viewing or editing access.


Enable chat for real time discussion with the people following your notes.

Show connected users

See who is connected to your notes right now



Modules chatter

Include messages, internal notes, add followers and channels straight from any of the apps and keep track of them in the Discuss module.