Easy Signature

Send, sign and approve documents online. Upload your PDF and drag & drop fields easily. 


Create dynamic workflows 

Create new documents from templates 

Customized the editable fields in the PDF with the drag & drop function. Automate repetitive signature by using templates in order to save time and be more productive. 


Multiple signatures, one shared document 

Make a document to be signed public and allow everyone to sign his own copy without any further action on your part 



Specify the role of all the people involved in a signing transaction and send the right version depending of the position of the person who'll sign. 


Carbon copy 

Automatically send your signed document to a third-party designated as “follower”. 



Don’t worry about saving your documents anymore. When using eSign, every document is archived on your private server.


Boost productivity 

Automatically send final documents to all parties 

When your document is successfully completed, every recipient receives a copy straight to his inbox. 


See the progress of your document 

Get a full view of your templates, signatures in progress and fully signed documents. 


Get notifications and alerts  

Receive status notifications and get alerts as soon as your documents are signed. 


Fully integrated 

eSign is seamlessly integrated with Odoo CRM.


Close deals anywhere 

Responsive and compatible with any device 

Collect electronic signatures on the go with your iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices. 


In person signing 

Let your client draw his signature directly onto your screen.


Customize any documents 

Use dynamic content fields  

Add fields exactly where you want them to appear with our Drag & Drop feature. 


Specify required actions 

Indicate what kind of operation is required in order to validate the document: full signature, initials, text, name, email, phone, company.


Create your own signature 

Choose between different options: handwritten fonts, drawing with your mouse or finger or loading a scan of your signature.


Security and compliance 

Legally binding 

Electronic signatures are legally supported by the 2000 U.S. Electronic Signature (ESIGN), Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and European Directive (EC/1999/93).


All communications are encrypted to ensure only authorized people can access the content.


Type of documents supported 

PDF documents 

Any PDF document is fully customizable with our Drag&Drop feature.

All documents 

For a simple signature, all kind of documents are supported.